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Dear Country Friends,
Once upon a time, there lived a little country band, that went out into the world to play their music... that would be one way of describing the origins of Texas Lightning. For the non-initiated at this point: the roots of the band go way back to the year 1996... To make a long story short, we'd like to begin our historical summary with the band's very first public appearance. This took place on the December 23rd, 2000 in the music club "Knust" in Hamburg. At that time the band was called "Texas Lightning & The Rodeo Rockets", and the original line-up back then was recorded on this historical color photograph.

f.l.t.r.: Chris "The Greyhound" Walther: Doublebass
Jonny "The Flame" Olsen: Vocals & Guitar
Little Mick Schulz: E-Guitar & Dobro
Miss Susu Belle: Vocals, Guitar & Mandoline
Stefan "Texas" Hansch: Drums & Cymbals

In the following year, the band played it's way courageously through various Hamburg clubs – from Anna's Country & Western Saloon to the Downtown Bluesclub, after which Chris "The Greyhound" Walther, decided to take his felt hat down from the hook, and was replaced by Larry "The Psychodoc" Kils.

New member, Larry, had just warmed up and made his first contributions as band doctor, when Little Mick Schulz was drawn away from us. By this time we'd even won the hearts of the Hamburg outskirts community of Pinneberg. Thoughts of quitting? Never! Rescue came in the form of Markus "Fastfinger" Schmidt.

This line-up stayed stable for a full 2 and a quarter years. During this period, we played about 60 concerts, produced 2 CDs – which have become sought after collector's items – and played at the biggest country music festivals in Denmark and Holland. Just when we had the feeling world-wide success was within our reach, a heavy-hearted Psychodoc decided to choose fatherhood over a continuation in our midst.

Unfortunately, we'd been booked to play a concert as special guests on a Caribean cruise – but without a double-bass player, we had a problem. We can thank our lucky stars and the Texas-Telephone-Hotline, that we managed to get Uwe "Friendly" Frenzel on board in record time. Anchors aweigh!

1st prize CMFP 2004 The year 2004 was full of contrasting experiences. Germany's leading country magazines were offering a prize for a nationwide country music contest. Over 40 bands competed, but we were the ones to bring home the coveted trophy. In the summer we were drawn to the "wild east". We played for 3 days at the Polish "Western-Piknik-Festival", and bar-b-qued on the white beaches of the Baltic Sea. We then moved on to the Silkeborg-Festival in Denmark. Everything was beautiful until...

At the end of 2004 we once again made our farewells, not only to Stefan "Texas" Hansch, but also to Miss Susu Belle. The tour schedule, which by this time was very busy, conflicted with their professional and personal commitments.

We'd just about given up, when the following happened: to begin with, Markus and I managed to win over our friend of many years, Olli Dittrich, as drummer. Then one day in the middle of rehearsal, we looked up to find Jane Comerford standing in the doorway of our rehearsal room. And so the story continues... At this point, I'd like to thank all former Texans for the joint venture this far.