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What the critics say:

Hamburg rocks through the prairie "...how the song "Über den Wolken" (English version "Over the Mountains") gains drive without losing it's underlying melancholic tone is beautifully done indeed. "Dancing Queen" from Abba sounds almost as if it would be unimaginable without the banjo." Bonner Rundschau, 09/2005

Pop classics with cowboy boots and hats "...and the pulse of the audience joins in at once. Right from the first song "These boots are made for walking", it's clear to the audience that these five musicians are in charge of things. And with "Over the Mountains" – Rheinhard Mey's "Über den Wolken" – "Walk on the Wild Side" or the title track from the T.V. series "The Unknown Stuntmann" the last reluctant few are caught up in that invisible lasso and not one person stays seated during the 30 minutes of encores. You could also call it "burning down the house" which is the exact meaning of the term "Texas Lightning" in Texas." Bonner General Anzeiger, 09/2005

Boy, is that bubbling! "...This time the roles have been switched. As rock band law dictates, Dittrich sits behind his drum set at the back of the stage while the forty year old Olsen stands up front and sings – and very well indeed. Together with co-singer Jane Comerford, a rancher's daughter from Australia, this band is equipped with vocalists that would be pretty hard to match." Brigitte, 09/2005

Lolita for cowboys purrs "Kiss" into the microphone "...when the charming Jane sang a rocky version of Chuck Berry's "C'est la vie" it put even Emmylou Harris in the shade, and when it came to the Madonna hit "Like a Virgin" the audience was raving. By the end of the evening not one person was still in their seat..." Neue Rundschau Wilhelmshaven, 09/2005

The bible belt is far away, Marlboro country is near at hand "...You'd think you were seeing a genuine all-american band on stage. "Fastfinger" Schmidt plucks the strings of his banjo with artistic perfection, the exquisite Comerford plucks the strings of her ukulele and shows all night long that she's in very good voice. "The Flame" Olsen shows his mastery on the guitar and "Ringofire" Dittrich is visibly enjoying himself behind his drumset..." Dresdner Neuste Nachrichten, 09/2005

Texas Lightning proved it: in every classic song there's a country song "They saved the best for last. As Uwe Frenzel seized the strings of his double-bass and as singer, Jane Comerford and guitar players, Jon Flemming Olsen and Markus Schmidt joined in for the classic song from the morbid underground poet, the audience went wild. "There's a country song in every classic song" is what the band maintained beforehand, and with their version of Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" they certainly proved it. In Worpswede the air was on fire..." Weser Kurier, 09/2005

Five musicians under one hat "...with their expert arrangements, the band manages to make even Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" or Madonna's "Like a Virgin" sound like they were written for Merle Haggard or Patsy Cline. After two hours, Texas Lightning left a thrilled audience behind..." Der Osnabrücker, 09/2005

Good country air "...Dittrich is an improvisation artist, entertainer and actor on T.V. Now it becomes clear, beneath it all he was always a musician. And if you watch his blissful smile while he slams down on his snare drum, you soon realize, this man's beat flows right from the soul (...) By the end of the evening everybody in the Savoy have folded back their movie theatre seats and rave about a band who has managed to free country music from it's embarrassing ghetto." Süddeutsche Zeitung, 09/2005

Country with a shining lightness "...above all, Texas Lightning presented their music with a fascinating lightness, achieved through the perfected craftsmanship of the musicians." Sächsische Zeitung, 09/2005

Let's go Country "...Mr Olsen and Mr Dittrich have a country heart as well. "Texas Lightning" is not the perfectly styled, humourous, side-line project of a bored actor. This music is played for the sake of the music." Stern TV Magazin, 08/2005

Cowboy Hats and Bad Guys "...The evening becomes such a special occasion because it's not trying to be anything other than a Country Music Concert. Even "Over the Mountains", the english adaptation of Rheinhard Mey's "Über den Wolken", doesn't sound like a take-off, but more like an authentic hyme straight from the land of bounless freedom. (...) In the end, after two and half hours, the band had to repeat a few songs because the crowd kept wanting more encores." Tagesspiegel Berlin, 08/2005

It's not a joke - it's country "...After more than two hours the band said their farewells, but they hadn't reckoned with the absolute party hype of the audience. Finally, only after 6 encores including a reprise of "Dancing Queen" and "Over the Mountains", did the audience let the obviously very happy musicians leave the stage. The evening was an excellent advertisement for well made country music, performed by an outstanding band, who will hopefully continue to give many more great concerts and convince the last of the country-music-grumblers of the uniqueness of this musical style." Western Mail, 10/2005